MobilityNow is the technological partner to consult, develop and implement identification solutions (people, objects and machinery) and security in the physical and digital world.

We are a team with a fast experience and know-how in the area of identification and security, allowing us to develop technologically innovative solutions with great acceptance in the market.

In parallel, we are committed to creating our own innovative solutions, such as Bulla-Id (product identification and authenticity solution) that combines the innovation of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology with the security and mobility of digital information that consumer are looking for today.

As a way to complement its offer and online presence, MobilityNow, also owns three online stores, contributing to its presence in the Portuguese, Spanish and European markets.




Born in 2012, MobilityNow aims of developing and delivering solutions that help people and business in the digital world. We believe that the online world will always be connected to the offline world through mobile and digital platforms, and sustains the construction of an ecosystem where people, machines, places, and cities are connected and identified in a secure way.




We develop, supply and implement identification and security solutions, using contactless technologies, for the physical and digital world, which help people, partners and businesses to reach, improve and optimize their work.